Monday, April 19, 2010

The old and the resentful

I have spent the past couple of months in an isolated city (I use the term 'city' quite loosely) living with my elderly mother and father, and amongst other discoveries, such as my Mum is a fiend for My Kitchen Rules and I think my Dad has a man crush on Eddie McGuire; I have identified within myself my one biggest fear. GETTING OLD. Not for the lines or the wrinkles or the bed pan I may one day need, but more so for the emotional endurance I don't think I'll ever have to be able to age gracefully. To know that my body isn't as limber and lightweight as I once knew it to be and that there is an entire generation of people, young people, just the way I was. Filled with dreams and motivation and that attitude of 'Everyone else might be right but I'm more right'. To think that I may live to be 80 years of age with the same lively and wishful soul trapped in a frail frame. It scares me to think that at the end of this vicious cycle our reward is ultimately going to be resentment.

Yes, that sounds harsh but no one plans on getting old. It apparently just happens. So what is the difference between getting older and getting old? Is it just the physical side of things? The cholesterol chaos and watchful eye on your fibre intake? Or is it more of a resignation of the dreams you've spent years chasing?

When I think about all the wonderful things I would like to do with my life: travel, learn, teach, own things, fix things, make new things; I can always find an obstacle that prevents me from doing them. It might be money (the lack of), the timing, being judged or just a sheer bout of laziness; it's never because I'm too old.

So when does that barrier make it's way on to the list of 'reasons why not'? How much time is there before it's homypeds instead of heels?

I look at my parents and I wonder if they feel content with their time as younger, healthier human beings. Or if they wish that had have realised so much sooner that all the time you think you have to make this the world you want to be in slips away, and how easily complacency can leave you incomplete.

So I have set myself this challenge: For every reason I can find not to do something that matters to me, something that I desire to accomplish; I am going to imagine the day when I still haven't corrected all that is corrupt in me, when I haven't searched high or wide enough for the things I'm looking for, when I've still a head full of ideas but a bulimic mind. I am going to take those reasons and replace them with one "I'm too old" As a reminder that there is no difference between getting older and getting old. Something tells me Ima get some things done.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sun(ny) Day

Not too hot, not too cold - still too quiet. Lucky I made a stellar find in my Mum's cupboard this morning - these Sussan (I'm thinking circa 88 and yes this does go with that) highwaisted pants! The day is brighter already.

The top is also courtesy of my mother the hoarder. Shoes are Verali. A whole $15 (sale) worth of Verali. I've wore them probably twice.

Red shoes to me are like red lipstick. You have to have not a skerrick of doubt that you can pull it off. It's Sunday and I'm in the middle of a mid life crisis and the middle of nowhere so my confidence balances out.

And feet for the nose!

Looking forward to getting a job, getting some money and buying new flats for the chilly winter season!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lost in transience

Have you ever stopped at a small town (that calls itself a city) on your way somewhere and driven down the main drag and attempted to grasp exactly where its inhabitants are up to in the world? Dead give away is generally what they're wearing. If they're still sporting fluoro anything or rocking that 'singed white blond on jet black hair' look then you can count your blessings that you're just passing through.

Well I've been here for almost four months and I can honestly stay, I'm baffled. Despite the fact that pretty much every girls favourite accessory is a pram, I still don't know where these beings are at. I'm almost certain they're not headed anywhere though.

For one thing, they're climatically challenged. It gets pretty warm here so the key is to layer. As opposed to wearing knitted beanies and black and red stripey scarves in 30 degree heat. Just an idea.

From my extensive research I have, however, discovered a few consistencies in their wardrobe choices. For example, if you're supposed to be at school, but you're feeling a little rebellious, go for stealth. All the little poppets that should be in school getting an education that may assist in getting them out of this hell hole but instead are smoking in the park (ooo waaaa) are strictly dressed in black. Apparently there is no room for colour when being discreet. In the park. On the main street.

If you are young and have managed to secure a nice cushy office job, it appears the only way to keep that job is to dress as old as the people you are working with. A lot of girls must be working in retirement villages because in my opinion, no one under 45 should be trying to get away with camel slacks.

However if you're just popping to the shops, well, your choices are endless. But the trend here is definitely track suit pants matched with a nice dressy singlet. Or a tight bright number with an inappropriate bra. Don't worry too much about yourself because your lovely little snotty nosed children who are running up and down the bus will steal most of the lime light.

It's safe to say I've almost given up. I honestly believe that none of them are really that concerned that a cynical, judgemental little blogger dobber like me is watching them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best friends give the best presents

It's December 25 time or your fabulous birthday and the best part of it all? PRESENTS. Unfortunately, when the wrapping is ripped off and the ribbons are removed sometimes the contents don't reeeally make you tremble with excitement. But we play nice. "Oh thank you soo much! I have been wanting a face washer and a photo frame for months now!"

But there is one person you can absolutely rely on to completely blow your mind with a present you really have been dying for. Your bestie. Without doubt, my most prized possessions have all been gifts from my 'very good at gift giving' best friend.

These include but are not limited to:

My Chanel ring. Now I never dreamt that at any stage in my life I would own ANYTHING Chanel let alone this breathtaking number.

It was a 21st present and we all like to give our friends something a little stand out for their big day but I feel safe in saying my wedding ring won't even be this nice.

My Antique bangle. I have only recently been brave enough to wear this as the thought of losing it, breaking it or anything disastrously similar happening makes me feel like I could vomit up a pair of 6 inch stilettos. It's one of those pieces you can be sure to get complimented on. The colour alone is absolutely amazing and it is locked together by a simple threaded screw.