Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best friends give the best presents

It's December 25 time or your fabulous birthday and the best part of it all? PRESENTS. Unfortunately, when the wrapping is ripped off and the ribbons are removed sometimes the contents don't reeeally make you tremble with excitement. But we play nice. "Oh thank you soo much! I have been wanting a face washer and a photo frame for months now!"

But there is one person you can absolutely rely on to completely blow your mind with a present you really have been dying for. Your bestie. Without doubt, my most prized possessions have all been gifts from my 'very good at gift giving' best friend.

These include but are not limited to:

My Chanel ring. Now I never dreamt that at any stage in my life I would own ANYTHING Chanel let alone this breathtaking number.

It was a 21st present and we all like to give our friends something a little stand out for their big day but I feel safe in saying my wedding ring won't even be this nice.

My Antique bangle. I have only recently been brave enough to wear this as the thought of losing it, breaking it or anything disastrously similar happening makes me feel like I could vomit up a pair of 6 inch stilettos. It's one of those pieces you can be sure to get complimented on. The colour alone is absolutely amazing and it is locked together by a simple threaded screw.

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