Friday, April 16, 2010

Lost in transience

Have you ever stopped at a small town (that calls itself a city) on your way somewhere and driven down the main drag and attempted to grasp exactly where its inhabitants are up to in the world? Dead give away is generally what they're wearing. If they're still sporting fluoro anything or rocking that 'singed white blond on jet black hair' look then you can count your blessings that you're just passing through.

Well I've been here for almost four months and I can honestly stay, I'm baffled. Despite the fact that pretty much every girls favourite accessory is a pram, I still don't know where these beings are at. I'm almost certain they're not headed anywhere though.

For one thing, they're climatically challenged. It gets pretty warm here so the key is to layer. As opposed to wearing knitted beanies and black and red stripey scarves in 30 degree heat. Just an idea.

From my extensive research I have, however, discovered a few consistencies in their wardrobe choices. For example, if you're supposed to be at school, but you're feeling a little rebellious, go for stealth. All the little poppets that should be in school getting an education that may assist in getting them out of this hell hole but instead are smoking in the park (ooo waaaa) are strictly dressed in black. Apparently there is no room for colour when being discreet. In the park. On the main street.

If you are young and have managed to secure a nice cushy office job, it appears the only way to keep that job is to dress as old as the people you are working with. A lot of girls must be working in retirement villages because in my opinion, no one under 45 should be trying to get away with camel slacks.

However if you're just popping to the shops, well, your choices are endless. But the trend here is definitely track suit pants matched with a nice dressy singlet. Or a tight bright number with an inappropriate bra. Don't worry too much about yourself because your lovely little snotty nosed children who are running up and down the bus will steal most of the lime light.

It's safe to say I've almost given up. I honestly believe that none of them are really that concerned that a cynical, judgemental little blogger dobber like me is watching them.

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  1. It sounds very much like where I spent most of my (precious) youth. At least if the camel slacks aren't camel toe slacks as well it's a blessing.

    I'm going out right now to dye my hair black and blonde, don my trackie dacks...and then lie down on the railway tracks. Come back, the big smoke needs you!